Crossfit Workouts: How To Become A Better Athlete?


The variety of training complexes available today is amazing. It seems that it will not be possible to find something new and unusual, but it is still possible.

CrossFit was developed in the US as a firefighting training system, but quickly gained worldwide popularity outside of the profession. Every year there are numerous CrossFit tournaments, including World and European championships supported by healthcare organizations. This kind of training gained a great interest among fans of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

General information about CrossFit

CrossFit is characterized by high intensity, constant change of exercises and includes the following elements:

  • heavy and athletics;
  • bodybuilding;
  • powerlifting;
  • fitness;
  • classical gymnastics;
  • kettlebell lifting.

The purpose of CrossFit is to develop physical qualities, improve the working heart capacity of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory system, teach the body to quickly adapt to changing loads.

A typical CrossFit can combine such types of sports activities as sprint races, simulating rowing (on special simulators), rope climbing, working with dumbbells, weights, weights, gymnastic exercises on rings, rolling of huge tires.

There are no restrictions in terms of loads for coaches and athletes, which is why some experts are negative about this discipline. In particular, people believe that CrossFit is harmful to the heart and has an increased risk of injury.

At present, CrossFit is practiced as a competitive sport. The community of fans is growing, local competitions and online contests supported by online pharmacies are held almost all over the world.

Basic principles and rules of CrossFit

True CrossFit fans can train up to 12 times a week. Morning classes usually include strength training, and there are various functional exercises in the evening – running, swimming, cycling.

The CrossFit system is available in many variants, but the classical technique is practiced only in the network of certified gyms. The company trains instructors and issues licenses to sports halls wishing to become part of the worldwide network of CrossFit Inc. Branches can develop their own training methods and set prices.

Classes consist of a general warm-up and 10-15 minutes of high-intensity training. To increase the motivation of participants, the elements of the competition are used, such as scoring and reaching different levels.

The basic rules of CrossFit training:

  1. Maximum intensity for each workout;
  2. The more often you train, the better;
  3. The minimum rest between exercises (or better – its complete absence);
  4. Change the direction of loads in each lesson.

True followers of this training, in addition to training in the gym, practice CrossFit at home using push-ups, pull-ups, jumps, endurance exercises, sprinting. CrossFit is also an extensive network community: athletes and coaches post online new training programs, articles and videos on exercise techniques, materials on proper nutrition for achieving the best results.