CrossFit For Beginners: How to Start Training and Succeed?

crossfit for beginnersCrossfit is a new direction in sports, more and more athletes begin training using this technique. Each year Crossfit is becoming more popular and attracts young and inexperienced athletes. It is difficult to understand how to start Crossfit workouts, in which gym to go, how to choose a trainer, and so on. Healthcare solutions group tried to collect all the most important information about Crossfit for beginners.

You want to try CrossFit, first, you need to find out what your level of sports training you have and what goals you set for yourself. After all, all beginners are different: someone has already been involved in sports and has a good physical shape, but for someone, it was a spontaneous decision and the person has no skills. Often, CrossFit is something mysterious and scary for a beginner, and in the absence of information does not allow to start doing CrossFit.

What are your goals for training?

First of all, you need to decide – why do you need this sport, what goals do you set for yourself? Conditionally, all those who practice CrossFit can be divided into several groups. Let’s discuss them and find out all the pros and cons in favor of choosing a CrossFit for each person.

A way to lose weight

Most newcomers practice CrossFit to lose weight. Is this a correct sport for this purpose? In general, yes, CrossFit helps to bring your body in an excellent shape. This implies fat burning, the development of muscle mass and maintaining the tone of the body.

An alternative to gym

Many newcomers come from the usual gyms in CrossFit rooms not by accident. CrossFit is a group work, which takes place in a very motivating atmosphere. In addition, each lesson is different.

How to pump muscles?

If your goal is to pump muscles, then you need to clearly understand to what result you want to come. Look at the photos of the top CrossFit athletes – if they suit you, then yes, this is for you. If you want to become Mr. Olympia, then you need to choose bodybuilding.

Do you need a trainer?

How to start doing CrossFit – with a trainer or not? Of course, you can learn absolutely everything on your own – today, there is a lot of information on the Internet today. But is it enough? How can a trainer help you achieve better results?

  1. He will clearly demonstrate the technique of performing exercises, the main mistakes and make sure that you do the exercises correctly;
  2. A trainer will give you the load that will be optimal for you. Many freshmen overestimate their skills and get injured, some men, on the contrary, underestimate their physical abilities and achieve a zero result.
  3. He will give recommendations on nutrition and recovery after training individually for you.

So, do you need a trainer or not? The answer is YES, it is especially important at the very beginning. But it will not be superfluous to read articles about CrossFit in your spare time.

4 Tips for CrossFit Beginners

4 Bits of Advice for CrossFit Beginners

Now, an online pharmacy will give recommendations for the first steps in CrossFit – what do you need to know before training and what should you be ready for?

1. Physical training

Do not be afraid of your poor physical skills and vice versa, do not think that a couple of years in the gym will give you an advantage. They will give you only one advantage – you will work with greater weights. But CrossFit is equally difficult for every person.

2. State of health

Since the CrossFit is a high-intensity workout, be sure to tell your trainer about all your ailments. After all, there are quite a few contraindications to CrossFit due to illness, and in some cases, the trainer will select individual tasks for you that are alternative to the current complex.

In addition, a warm-up is a very important component of CrossFit – you should always do it, regardless of your mood.

3. Equipment

In general, you will need knee pads, special CrossFit nano 2.0 sneakers, compression molds, wristbands, gloves, etc. All these things are also necessary for experienced athletes. What is really important:

  • Comfortable shoes. You have to work with the weights and keep the balance of the body. If you do exercises in uncomfortable shoes, you risk getting injured;
  • Comfortable clothes. Well-stretched shorts and a T-shirt that will not constrain your movements. But they should be tight enough.

4. Nutrition and recovery

If you want to achieve your goals, then take close control of your food – this is a very important component of CrossFit workouts. Healthcare organizations have prepared a few simple rules and principles on nutrition and recovery after CrossFit for beginners:

  • Do not eat right before training. Do it 2 hours before training. In the future, be guided by your state – if you feel heavy due to eating during training, then eat 3 hours before training. Or, on the contrary, if you feel weakness and lack of energy, eat 1 hour before training and choose complex carbohydrates.
  • Have a rest. You are just starting your CrossFit path, so watch the frequency of your workouts. Load yourself gradually. For example, you can start with 2 workouts a week. After 1-2 months, go into the mode of 3 workouts a week. And in six months, when you will feel your body, you can already approach this issue individually. But there is a downside – do not score miss CrossFit sessions and visit them regularly. This is a mode, and you have to work it out.