About Us

We do things a little different,

at our Gym…

We are professional, certified strength and conditioning coaches

Not rep counters, drill sergeants, or cheerleaders.  We train to improve movement and human performance, not to isolate muscle groups.


We treat everyone the same

Regardless of your weight, experience, or fitness level. Everyone does the workout of the day (WOD) but it is scaled down and modified for beginners or those with injuries.


Intensity is relative to the individual

So a beginner’s workout will be just as difficult and intense to him/her as an elite athlete’s workout.


We train in groups for one simple reason

When people train in a team atmosphere the intensity level, focus, and results of the training improve dramatically. The competition, camaraderie, and support of a group environment will take your fitness to new levels.


We do not stand at the front of the class and tell you what to do.

We show you what to do, coach you through it, and help you to understand why you are doing it.


You will not find selectorized or cardio equipment in our CrossFit box

Instead we use our bodies as machines and some other minimal equipment such as Olympic barbells, bumper plates, pull up bars, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, jump ropes, plyo boxes, sandbags, weighted sleds, etc.


Your training with us will begin to feel like a sport, and each workout like a game

You will be coached like an athlete and you will train like an athlete.


You will never see gimmicks or supplements for sale at our box

We do not believe in them or see them as necessary…we believe in high-quality, whole food nutrition.


Safety, form, and technique are our main priorities

Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity…in that order. Our primary focus is on teaching and instilling proper movement in all our athletes.

CrossFit Wallballs on Trail

Free Intro Class

A free small group training session where you experience a CrossFit workout for yourself.

CrossFit Group WOD

CrossFit Classes

A 60 minute, constantly varied, Workout of the Day consisting of strength & conditioning movements.

Private CrossFit Training

Private Training

1 on 1, 2 on 1, small group private training and nutritional coaching.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it’s CrossFit geared and designed for kids.

14 Fit Conditioning Class

14 Fit

Classes consist of less weightlifting & more conditioning. All fitness levels are welcome!

USAW Team 14


Our Florida Registered USAW Club consisting of Youth, Junior, Senior, and Masters Weightlifters.


Our Location & Facilities

Wesley Chapel, Florida

We're located just north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel, FL on State Road 56.


Our Location & Facilities

Wesley Chapel, Florida

We're located just north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel, FL on State Road 56.

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Get Started with a Free Intro Class

Our intro session is a free small group training session with one of professional coaches
where you will learn more about our program & experience a CrossFit workout for yourself.

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